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Custom Bike Build

We are one of the few companies in Scotland who specialise in building custom and semi-custom Mountain and BMX bikes to fit your riding interests whether they be cycling over Scottish mountain passes, fast downhill rides, cross country track riding or BMX stunt or jump riding.

Our aim is to build your perfect bike, that is unique, is efficient and a delight to ride. We can provide the highest quality components from a range of sources and are happy to mix and match brands to provide the most suitable combination of components to meet your specific requirements. We can paint and finish your bike with graphic artwork, so that you will not only have a responsive purpose built bike, it will look fantastic as well. Experience the pride and thrill in riding your customised bikes.

Custom Bike Build

A speciality is custom building of Mountain or BMX bikes from the frame up. Each bike is unique and built on the frame of your choice and designed to your specific requirement, including if desired enhanced by airbrushing.

Let us build your dream bike or we can personalise your present bike.

Why have a Custom Built Bike?

It lets you stand out from the crowd with a unique bike built specially to fit you and equipped with the best components selected specifically for the purpose to which you will use the bike.

Let us Build your Dream Bike!

You could, like most cyclists, buy a factory produced bike or you could be different and own a thoughtfully designed unique customised hand built bike and be the envy of your cycling friends and colleagues.

We will design and build a bike with the best quality components to suit your style of cycling.

Alternatively, if you would like to upgrade your existing bike with either a customised paint job or a full rebuild from the frame up we can do that for you.

The frame will be painted to your colour choice with high performance quality paints and with the option of artwork design incorporated if desired, also components such as wheels, stems, brake levers, handlebars, etc can be colour matched or co-ordinated to personalise the finished bike.

We will discuss your needs and preferences for your proposed customised bike. If the project is for a new customised bike we will advise on the most suitable frame and components for the build. If for an upgrade on a bike you currently own we will advise on the suitability of the individual existing components for the project and for those not suitable will recommend and provide quality replacement compatible parts.

We are the "Pimp My Ride" of custom built MTB and BMX for cycling enthusiasts.

Our customisation expert is Stuart who has 16 years experience in the bicycle industry.

He has been a keen mountain bike cyclist since his early teens, when even at a young age he was displaying his mechanical aptitude by constantly tinkering with the mechanics of his bikes to improve their performance.

In his professional career as a cycle mechanic Stuart has developed an extensive knowledge on the wide range of bike components available for today's cyclists and in recent years has acquired a reputation as a highly skilled cycle mechanic with an ability to diagnose and rectify most cycle problems, including those that occur in modern high specification cycles.

In addition to his knowledge and ability as a cycle mechanic Stuart has over the past few years developed his skills on airbrush graphic artwork on bicycles, which can change a standard manufactured model into a unique customised bike for the cyclist who wants to have a bike that is different and personalised.

We offer three levels of customisation:–

1. Build from the frame up – We can start with your chosen frame(or help you choose one) and spec it out to your requirements with selected top quality components to give you a high performance bike to suit your particular style of riding.

2. Upgrade your existing bike – If you have a bike you would like to upgrade, we can do that by changing selected components to improve the bike's performance, and to suit your specific expectations on ride quality

3. Personalise your existing bike – If you are happy with your present bike but would like to give it a face lift, we can apply airbrush arfwork on the frame and other parts of your bike to personalise and make it truly unique in appearance.

See our gallery below for examples of bikes we have customised. These are just some of the projects we have completed. So please contact us if you have a special project in mind, as the options for customisation both on build and painting are virtually endless.

Skyway Streetstyler

Complete build of this classic old school BMX bike with all genuine parts and customised art work on the frame, crank and stem.

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GT I–Drive 4.0

Partial customised paint job with magic colour paint giving a kaleidoscopic effect of changing colours depending upon the angle of viewing.

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Giant Reign

Full high spec customised build from the frame up and painted with jungle theme designs on the frame and forks.

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Kona Stab Primo

Full customised paint job with flame effect artwork.

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Mini airbrush artwork.

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Muddyfox Ascent

Partial customised paint job with snakeskin design and brass effects.

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